Latex Fashion photoshoot: Odd Territory

Two weeks a go I did a Latex fashion photoshoot with Odd Territory Latex fashion. It was a nice project to do and something else then my regular more painterly work. For the photoshoot we wanted a more modern style with a vintage feel. 

A thing I really like about the latex fashion that Odd Territory designs is that she wants to take latex clothing out of the kinky underground and more to mainstream and party wear or something to wear in normal life. With popstars like Katy Perry, Britney and Gaga is is finding it's way to the surface. This is the reason we kept everything light and fresh. 

I also wanted something to break the seamless white background on the duo shots so added a small roll of bleu seamless. 

It was a lot of work creating the shots and in photoshop, because latex is a challenge to shoot with all the shiny parts and lubricant. But it was lots of fun and can't wait for the next shoot!

Models: Marjolein van der Heide and Megan Versteeg
Mua: ChiChi van de Vlught
Latex fashion: Odd Territory (click for more or to order)