Over Mij


Mijn passie is verhalen vertellen met foto's toveren met licht en mensen zo puur mogelijk vast te leggen.
De afgelopen jaren heb ik mij daarom gespecialiseerd in art en portret fotografie. Met mijn fotografie probeer ik op de rand te zitten waar portretfotografie kunst wordt en kunst weer portretfotografie. 

Sinds 2015 heb ik mijn eigen studio in Nieuw-Vennep. De kracht van mijn stijl ligt hem in dat ik moderne technieken combineer met de styling van de oude Hollandse meesters. Kenmerkend in mijn werk is dat ik alles in camera probeer te doen. Capture One en Photoshop gebruik ik puur voor een stukje styling. 


Recente Exposities

  • North Sea Jazz Festival, 2014
  • Jazz Museum Rotterdam, 2015
  • North Sea Jazz Festival, 2016
  • Rotterdam Photofestival, 9-12 feb 2017
  • Nulllll, Amersfoort 6-10 okt 2018
  • North Sea Jazz Festival, 2017

Enkele klanten & Publicaties:

  • Sanoma
  • Ariadne at Home
  • Libelle
  • Harry's Horse
  • T-Mobile
  • Stichting Batterij
  • Zuiderzee Museum
  • Jazz Museum Rotterdam
  • Nederlands Jazz Archief
  • Sigma Benelux
  • Balletschool Attitude
  • Balletschool Heerhugowaard
  • Enkhuizer Balletschool
  • Jazzism
  • Het Rode Kruis
  • Jazz bulletin
  • Mammoet

Tevens ben ik ambassadeur van:

  • FujiFilm / GFX & X-Photographer
  • ProFotor
  • Xpozer


Photography and music are my two biggest passions. With my photography I try to work as much as possible with musicians and dancers. 4 years ago I got the question if I would like to also start making photos when I was producing an artists album. So I Bought my first DSLR and got hooked. After getting more request for doing photography than recording I made the step to go full on photography. In this short time my camera became a visum into the world of music and dance.

I love the relation you get in the short time you have with the people you photograph. Getting a connection is so important, it is for me the way to get the most out of the person. Getting reactions from the subjects that you have photographed them like how they really are is the biggest compliment you can get after the photoshoot.

Beside my commercial work I also have a personal project called "Dutch Jazz Portraits". With the project I am photographing and filming 55 Dutch Jazz musicians. These will be combined in an app and there are portraits for sale. For more information click HERE. The app was first presented at the North Sea Jazz festival 2014 in Ahoy Rotterdam.

The reason I like to work with dancers is that you can't here music, but with what they can do with there body is tell you the story from the music. So by catching the dancers moves, you catch the music and emotion

Currently I have a studio in Hoorn. It is really nice to have a studio to work from. But I still prefer working on location. Every time this gives so much nice options and problems to solve. I like to get the most out of every location from dressing room to theatre, parks, parking garages, hotel rooms and city's.

In 2104 I also started ginning workshops after getting asked for it. I think the most important thing to teach is how to recognize and create good light. Controlling your camera and light gives you the opportunity to create great images, any time, any place, any where!