Profoto AIR-TTL for FujiFilm

Today I got the message that the Profoto AIR-TTL remote for FujiFilm will be availeble. I have had the honor to test the trigger last weekes and must Say I love it! It gives met full TTL and HSS functionality with my FujiFilm camera's and Profoto Flash units.

Here is a short videos from the first photoshoot I did with the Profoto AIR-TTL-F trigger at the Vans store in the Amsterdam Kalverstraat. All photos are shot with the B2 unit and the OCF 2" octa or the Deep Umbrella White L on HSS and TTL.

I really love the capability to shoot faster then sync speed (1/125) with the GFX camera. I all ready did a few different assignments fully on TTL and it works fine! In the upcoming week I will make a full review of the unit and small tutorial video. So see you soon!