Street Photography: Paris 2014 / by Ferry Knijn Fotografie

Straat Parijs-1347

For a while I had the wish to practise some street photography. For me there are only a few city's to really do this, and number one on the list is Paris. So I went for four days to Paris! Straat Parijs-0759 Straat Parijs-0776

The first day I went on the street with just my Nikon D610 with the Sigma 24-105 f4 lens. For quality this is a great. Something I noticed that a lot of people on the street where smoking.

The standard strap didn't work out to be easy to use. So i went out for the search for a new strap. The street north of the Bastile is a truth photographers heaven. I have never seen so many nice Photography shops together in one street! I soon found a Black Rapid Yeti which let's me combine the Nikon D610 and the Fuji X-Pro1 on both sides of my body.

Straat Parijs-0780 Straat Parijs-0831 Straat Parijs-1029

The Second day I went out with the Nikon D610 and the Fuji X-Pro1. Although it is a great combination, after walking a day with it my shoulder got really bad. But the X-Pro1 with the 35mm 1.4 lens is a truth beauty for street photography. It is small and compact and let's you held in So for the thirt day I kept my D610 at home.

Straat Parijs-4789 Straat Parijs-4751


BUT!!! not after waking up at 6.30 to walk up the mountain of the Montmartre to photograph the Sacre Couer without many tourists in front of it. But it appears that when there are no tourists in front of it and there is light, there is a hole army of cleaning people in front of it. But I managed to get one good shot.

Straat Parijs-1172 Straat Parijs-4778 Straat Parijs-4776 Straat Parijs-4773

After some walking around in the streets with just the X-pro1, we took the boat on the seine. Giving some nice alternative views on Paris.

Straat Parijs-4817 Straat Parijs-4854


The last day we made our last walk around Paris. Now I was finally getting into getting better street photography shots. I really noticed it takes a lot of practice. Taking you time and slow down is really essentialy for some good street photography. Also find a stage and the players will com (quote from Jay Maisel) really works!

Straat Parijs-4918 Straat Parijs-1347 Straat Parijs-1206 Straat Parijs-1332 Straat Parijs-1331 Straat Parijs-1326 Straat Parijs-1293 Straat Parijs-1302


The last stop was at the Norte Dame. This was the place to work on a street photography project I am working on. It is about photographing photographers! Especially tourists!

Straat Parijs-1402 Straat Parijs-1377

After all it was a great trip and I have learned a lot about street photography. Am I now a street photographer? No! I just got my tose wet. But I can't wait for a next trip to go further and explore it more. I don't now if I will ever be a real street photographer, but I loved ding it.