Photography is not about the amount of pictures you shoot / by Ferry Knijn Fotografie

Nikon FM  5354

Currently I am planning my wedding, and am looking for a wedding photographer. While I am checking sites I see something in common I also noticed people asking me when the ask for the price off a photoshoot. The question is "How many pictures do I get?". And on the sites for X amount you get at least x amount of pictures. But what is more important? The amount off the pictures or the quality???? If I do a portrait shoot I can off course shoot 50 to 100 pictures. With current camera's I can even make 5 to 14 photos per second! So how many do you want to have?

Personally I think the quality is way more important. I rather take take a hour and deliver maybe 5 to 10 great pictures, in stead of 50 or 60 of which maybe 5 are great. Sometimes when I do a commercial photoshoot we take half a day to just take the one picture!

Also when I work with dancer, you can sometimes have to take 20 to 50 pictures to just get the one. Because when a foot or limb is just a few degrees off, the picture is bad. I rather taker more time to get it right then deliver a picture with a wrong position, because everybody who knows about ballet won't so "Oh, what great a photo", NO! they will say" Well it is nice, but the foot is off!". So it can take 15 minutes to get the one, so with a one hour shoot you maybe and up with only 5 great different pictures.

Also I like to take the time to fine-tune the lighting. This cuts down time in post production. Normally I have to jus a few finishing touches in Lightroom/photoshop the end up with a great picture. In stead of having to stress to fix shadows, or having to get your quotum and also take lesser pictures and polish them up. Remember a bad picture will never get good, but a good taken picture is easy to get wow! And you are a good as your worst picture.